My approach is to inspire, motivate, and empower my patients to build a strong foundation for health. I coach each patient to embrace daily dietary and lifestyle habits that promote optimal wellness while using gentle, effective medicines to restore normal physiology. As a Naturopathic Physician, I am committed to uncovering the underlying causes of imbalance that lead to dysfunction. Together, we embark on a journey to find and correct the underlying cause of illness. Additionally, as a wholistic medical practitioner, I recognize that physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of imbalance must be addressed in order to restore optimal health.

Initial visits are approximately one hour at which time I will take a detailed history of your health complaints. I may choose to do a physical exam, order labs or imaging, or make a referral. If you have already had tests done you may choose to bring a copy of them with you or submit them before your visit. Some natural medications or supplements may be prescribed and a treatment plan will be devised at this time.

Most insurance is accepted. Please review the information under the “Insurance” tab for more specific information.

Yes. I offer a 20% discount for payments at the time of service. See more specific information on the Insurance and Payments tab.

Cash, check or credit card.

Yes. Washington State scope of practice for Naturopathic Physicians is very broad. It includes all legend drugs like heart medications, diabetes medications, antibiotics, etc. Washington State limits the controlled substances that Naturopaths can prescribe to Testosterone, and Codeine. I cannot prescribe opiate pain medications, sleep medications or anti-anxiety medications.

If it is of urgent nature I will do my best to see you that day. For non-urgent visits my staff will do their best to find an appointment that works in your schedule within a week of contacting us

No. However, if you have a health savings account (such as a flexible spending account) you can use that for any non-covered charges. Your supplement/prescription purchases are tax free.

Yes, with your permission. I will work in consultation with any health care provider my patients may be seeing in addition to those at my Clinic. I believe that each health care profession brings something valuable and unique to the experience of the patient and by working together we can all provide the best quality of care possible.

Naturopaths are trained as general practitioners and treat the entire spectrum of medical conditions. See our common conditions page for a list of conditions we most frequently see.

Yes. I have mostly been a general practitioner, but I also have taken a special interest in Naturopathic Oncology (cancer care). I am a member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Medicine.

Please call for a replacement. Cost is $15


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