Cancer Care

handsThere is mounting evidence that Natural Cancer Treatments can significantly increase positive outcomes and decrease side effects of conventional care.

As a member of the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians, I regularly attend conferences to review the latest research and treatments for all types of cancer.  I also communicate with many practitioners also specializing in Naturopathic Oncology on an ongoing basis.

How we will work together

First, we’ll speak briefly over the phone or in person so that I might gather some general information about your cancer. Then, I’ll request or ask you to provide medical records about your cancer.

After which, I’ll review our case, and we will meet and discuss options for support and treatment. I may suggest some labs based on your individual case.  Then, we’ll follow up.

Treatments we will discuss as options

We will be discussing your nutrition and lifestyle, and I will be providing you with advice and options.

Oral supplementation will be prescribed according to your specific cancer type, stage, conventional interventions and other factors. And your treatments will be specific to side effects from conventional treatments.

Intravenous Treatments may include:

  • High dose intravenous vitamin C
  • DCA (dichloroacetate)
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Poly-MVA
  • Hydrogen Peroxide

Our goals working together

Obviously the main goal is to assist you in beating cancer. We’ll work to improve your immune response, nutrition and fitness. And we’ll work to reduce side effects of conventional treatment(s) without interfering in their efficacy.  All of this will help conventional treatment(s) work better.

Astonishingly I have had many patients say that cancer is the best thing that ever happened to them.  As someone who has not had cancer, I at first found this hard to believe.  As I have spent more time interacting intimately with these patients, I have come to realize how profound and transformational this experience is for them ,and how they are able to focus intensely on what is important to them.

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