Testimonials and Reviews

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Daniel C.

Everything you could ask for in a naturopath; smart, experienced, caring, I could list every positive adjective. highly recommend!

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Jesse N.

I've been a patient of dr. Paul's for 5 years now. Comparable out-of-pocket rates and exceptional care.

I would highly recommend him as a primary care physician, someone who works and communicates very well with all other forms of doctors, including traditional western medicine MD's.

He specializes in cancer care and is one of the only practitioners fully licensed to to IV injections and care in the area. I have never had to use those services (luckily) but I have always gone to him for mens health challenges, and for primary health concerns before going to a doctor who just wants to give me some pills to pop. I have had to be referred to specialists and Dr. Paul is more than open for that and has many resources.

If you are looking for a Nd in Bellingham, I would highly recommend!

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Teresa V.

I recommend Dr. Paul for injection therapies... PRP and Prolotherapy. Excellent care and very pleasant office staff.