Bioidentical Hormones

For many, hormonal imbalance can cause the body to function at its least optimal levels. With the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, there is a chance to correct that balance. Without the need for possible, invasive surgeries or prescription medications, more natural approaches can be the answer to many common health issues and conditions.

What Are Bioidentical Hormones Made Of?

Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical makeup as the body’s natural hormones. So, the human body will assume that these replacement hormones have been produced naturally. Since the body will not be able to determine between the replacement hormones and those from the body, it will not re-metabolize the components.

They are also derived from plant extracts, which means they are more natural and safe in comparison to synthetic hormones. Synthetic hormones tend to cause negative side effects and increased health risks. Patients can feel more assured using bioidentical hormone therapies to safely treat their hormonal imbalances.

Both men and women will have different needs when it comes to hormone replacement therapy. Experienced professionals recognize this and will provide the most safe and effective services to ensure that each patient is taken care of properly. Every client will be evaluated and tested prior to any treatment. From there, patients will receive individualized treatments depending on their hormone needs for replacement.

Women will receive different treatments from men since their levels of testosterone needs are quite different. Treatments centers and professionals will determine and customize the most appropriate levels of hormone therapy for patients.

Typically, the following factors will play a large role in evaluating and treating a client for hormone replacement therapy:

  • Current health
  • Lifestyle
  • Goals for hormone replacement treatment

For patients with hormonal imbalances, we offer creams, injections, and oral tablets. These patients may also benefit from lifestyle counselling, as well. After about 2 weeks, patients will begin to see positive changes in their physical and mental health. Since all treatments will vary, some may see subtle changes while others may experience more immediate benefits.


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