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Imagine that your body has intricate highways running through it, where your energy races throughout it. When  the flow of energy is blocked or interrupted by stress, it might cause physical and emotional symptoms, such as low self-esteem, low self-worth, and feelings of sadness or depression. To remedy this, a licensed acupuncture practitioner gently places sterilized needles at specific points in the skin, to stimulate particular points within the body. 

Since its inception in China about 2,500 years ago, acupuncture has been used traditionally to treat, diagnose and prevent disease, as well as to enhance general health. Today it is a well respected, holistic, therapy that is used in a number of different ailments and conditions.

Let’s now look at some of the benefits that it can have on your health.

Migraines and Headaches 

A 2010 review of 12 studies involving 2,137 patients discovered that acupuncture could help alleviate the intensity and frequency of pain in patients with chronic headaches. The study, carried out at the University of Munich by the Centre for Complementary Medicine found that acupuncture-treated patients experienced less pain and fewer headaches compared to those in the control groups.


People familiar with acupuncture can confess that its benefits are not solely physical. While it is recommended that any people dealing with depression should see a counselor, weekly sessions of acupuncture have been found to be just as beneficial as seeking the services of a depression counselor after four months. It is believed that the electric current that are usually running through the needles aid in regulating the neuro-transmitters of the brain, with one research suggesting that acupuncture could be as successful as Prozac.


Although acupuncture alone might not help in alleviating the symptoms of insomnia, incorporating it with other treatments can help those dealing with sleep problems. Various studies have hinted that acupuncture may help people dealing with pain to sleep better, while a 1998 study found out that it can help insomnia patients. Other credible studies have also pointed out that the benefits can stretch out to those living with HIV, and even those suffering from anxiety.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can harbor itself within your body in various ways. Among the areas that are mostly affected include the lower back, knees and the shoulder/neck area. It is also one of the most common arthritis symptoms, something that can be alleviated by getting regular acupuncture.

A study done in 2013 combined the trials of over 18,000 patients, found a very clear correlation between people receiving acupuncture and those who were not. The conclusion was that acupuncture is a very effective treatment of chronic pain.

Indigestion & Heartburn

Regular acupuncture treatment has also been proven to minimize signs of ingestion, heartburn, and thereby reducing the use of antacids by sufferers. This is according to a recent research done by scientists in Brazil.

Indeed, acupuncture has not only proven to be an effective adjunct or alternative to conventional treatments for the above mentioned health issues, but also other problems like stroke, headache, lower back pain, menstrual cramps, asthma, and joint conditions, as well as for the side effects of pregnancy-related nausea and chemotherapy.


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